XE88 – The Next No.1 Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

//XE88 – The Next No.1 Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

XE88 – The Next No.1 Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

XE88 or 918Kiss?

With the new XE88, 918Kiss could be a thing in the past. Not to mention the fact that it has been shut down by the local government since August 2019.

Why is 918Kiss gone? Is it like forever? Nobody really knows, except the owner himself. But there are some rumours. Some said it could be due to the fact that it has been the focus target of the Malaysian new government, whose policy is to bring down all illegal activities. Some said it has been facing a completely server down in its data center.

Well, what is XE88? It is the newest mobile slot game in Malaysia. Available in both Android and IOS version. Some of its slot games include Great Blue, Highway Kings, Silver Bullet, Wukong, etc. and many more just as similar as those in 918Kiss. This is why people keep saying that it could be the replacement of 918Kiss. Let’s just see.

Winning Payout – Even Higher?

Most gamblers look at winning rate, though some of them are just seeking for a sense of excitement. So, it’s really important to have high winning payout before you can attract slot game players.

People say 918Kiss used to have the highest winning payout in the market. Well, I doubt so, because of the new XE88. I’ve played the game. It is so different. Kept getting free bonus games and free spins all the time. It is best if we can run some statistical tests on both slot games.

What we did was to bet with RM100 a day on each game. It turns out that the result is pretty surprising. We won about RM1,494 from 918Kiss, while the return from XE88 is an impressive RM3,365! It’s pretty obvious now huh?

However, we noticed another fun fact. There is another potential candidate to replace the old 918Kiss – MEGA888. Another great slot game brand in the market nowadays. We run the same test on this game and guess what. A freaking RM8,557!

I would say MEGA888 will most likely become the favourite slot game of all, sooner or later. You better start playing MEGA888 now, before they bring down the winning payout.

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