Top 10 SCR888 Slot Games for Big Win

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Top 10 SCR888 Slot Games for Big Win

SCR888 Slot Games – The No.1 Mobile Slot Games in Malaysia

SCR888 slot games have been the most talked about topic in 2016 and 2017. I would say it’s the greatest success of all in the Malaysian online casino industry’s history. But, why is it so popular?

First of all, let us take a quick tour on its origin. SCR888 slot games was first developed in PC (or desktop) version. It was supposed to be designed to cater for online gambling needs in illegal cyber cafe. For the past 10 years, it has slowly built a strong reputation amongst other brands, such as Playtech.

How does it differentiate itself from Playtech? As we all know, Playtech is a fully online based online gaming product. It relies heavily on data consumption to ensure smooth gaming experience. However, SCR888 PC version is very much different.

It’s backed by LAN network model. That being said, you don’t need a very strong internet connection to play the games. Minimal data speed would be sufficient to run the games. All client PCs are connected to one single server PC, which stores a significant amount of gaming data.

This is why SCR888 slot games were able to compete against Playtech. In rural areas without strong data support, SCR888 tends to perform much better than Playtech. It does not include live casino games, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Sicbo, etc, thus less data consumption would be required to play SCR888 games.

It’s All About Android and iOS Smartphones

Yes, the world is changing, at a very fast pace. Nowadays, most of the people prefer using mobile devices than computers. Despite smaller screen layout and limited power support, smartphones are still preferable due to great convenience. The same thing happens in online casino industry in Malaysia.

Over the years, we have seen sharp increase in the number of mobile online casino players in Malaysia. Especially for Android and iOS smartphones. These are the two biggest mobile brands in Malaysia. Hence, almost all game developers are putting their full efforts in designing user-friendly mobile casino games. That was when SCR888 Malaysia started to develop its Android and iOS mobile slot games.

It didn’t launch both version at the beginning. Of course, Android version was the first being launched in Malaysia. Most of the Malays (the majority population in Malaysia) are using Android smartphones. The response was overwhelmingly great. SCR888 Malaysia then made the next move to launch its iOS version in the next quarter.

It was a super great news to all iPhone users in Malaysia. Prior to that, most of the mobile casino gaming brands do not support iOS operating system. At most, they only support HTML 5 format for iPhone’s internet browser. This had strongly helped SCR888 Malaysia to tap into iOS market. Since then, it has become the largest online mobile slot game brand in Malaysia.

Top SCR888 Slot Games for Big Win

Now you know how SCR888 come along, but why is it so popular in Malaysia? The answer is WINNING PAYOUT. Everyone has only one ultimate purpose in playing real money casino games – to win as much as possible.

SCR888 slot games have broken the tradition to offer a much higher winning payout. This is a very modern concept- think in the shoes of players. Almost everyone can win from SCR888 slot games. Who doesn’t want to play a slot game that constantly gives you free bonus games?

However, not all slot games in SCR888 offer extraordinary high winning payout. Unfortunately, there are no official statistics or tips from SCR888 to tell you which game is the easiest to win. The good news is we have sorted out the top 10 easiest to win SCR888 slot games based on our one year testing period to benefit all SCR888 players in Malaysia. Here you go:

No.5 – King’s Derby

SCR888 Slot Games King Derby

Guess many of you are familiar with this game. People used to call this game “Kuda” in the past. “Kuda” means Horse in Malay. In the last decade, almost all casino players had played this game before. It is considered the mother of all slot games in Malaysia. Why people love to play this game? Because it is so easy to strike big win in this game. Some of the online casino agents even ban players from betting on this game. Winning payout is 68.88%.

No.4 – Great Blue

SCR888 Slot Games Great Blue

Great Blue is one of the oldest mobile slot game brands in Malaysia. Some of the illegal cyber cafe operators even put the dolphin logo outside their shop to attract customers. There are free bonus games, minor jackpots, major jackpots, random jackpots and progressive jackpots that would increase your chances of winning big. Not to mention about the SCR888 Red Packet (Free Ang Pow) that would be randomly given to the lucky players from time to time. Winning payout is 71.64%.

No.3 – Wukong

SCR888 Slot Games Wukong

Thanks to ClubSunCity, Wukong has become one of the hottest mobile slot games in Malaysia. At first it was only available in the form of “Big Machine”. When comes to SCR888 Android Malaysia, this game has become even more attractive due to its winning payout. Guess what, the highest record that we won during the testing period was a RM486,329, with a deposit of RM100 only. This is definitely one of the games that can turn you into a rich guy overnight. Winning odds is as high as 74.52%.

No.2 – Monkey Thunderbolt

SCR888 Slot Games Monkey Thunderbolt

Monkey Thunderbolt is the favourite of most Malays in Malaysia. Its slot gaming model is considered old-fashioned, yet simple to play. A player is required to place bet for combination consisting of two monkeys. If the selected monkey combo succeeds to rank No.1 and No.2 during the tree climbing contest, then player wins. Some people say Monkey Thunderbolt is “hack-able”, while many has won millions ringgit from the game. Our data suggests that people who play Monkey Thunderbolt has a high winning rate of 79.33%. What are you waiting for now?

No.1. – Highway Kings

SCR888 Android Highway Kings

Bingo! The No.1 position goes to Highway Kings!

It was first introduced by Playtech. Then SCR888 Malaysia made some amendments and updates to improve the games. Yes, it is the easiest-to-win SCR888 slot games under our testing period. While the winning payout is as high as 86.34%, we believe most of the players can strike big win in Highway Kings.

Top 10 SCR888 Slot Games for Big Win
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