Things You Should Know About the Latest SCR888/918Kiss Casino APP

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Things You Should Know About the Latest SCR888/918Kiss Casino APP

SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino

The SCR888 is the most welcome Online Casino in the last year. In the year 2018, they had re-branded to the 918Kiss Casino. However, the SCR888 Casino is no longer existing for the online gambling. As it is replaced by the 918Kiss Casino which you could experience the similar gambling experience like the previous SCR888 Casino.

After the renovation of the SCR888 Casino, you will taste the different user experience. Because they have the major changes on the design and the feature of the Casino APP. Here, it turns to all-new and freshness Casino APP. Now, the latest SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino is 4 months old. Additionally, there are many players download or update the Casino APP to the 918Kiss APP. However, there are people who are still living in the well. And doesn’t have the idea of the latest update of the Casino. We are here to notify all of you about the SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino.

What Changes in the SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino?

In the SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino APP, the major changing of the application is the design. To deliver┬áthe freshness of the Online Casino, they will never miss the changing of the theme and the logo of the APP. From here, that’s totally different from the previous Online Casino. Then only they can bring the new experience to the players.

For the theme of the Casino APP, it turns to the purple colour. And previously, they were using the blue colour of the theme. Now, the dark purple theme is giving the comfortable experience to the players. They give no stress to the players while the gameplay with their casino games. During the gambling with the stress, you will be easier to lose the game and the money as well.

Besides that, for the logo the Casino APP, it designs like a lady lip which is more intimate than others. That’s none of the Online Casinos are doing the juicy sexy lip as the logo. When you find it, it is only for the 918Kiss Casino. They have a major change in the logo as well because the previous logo is using the earth icon. Now, it is more attractive.

Nevertheless, since it is an all-new Online Casino. They increase the winning chances in the 918Kiss Online Casino Games. It means you are much easier to win the casino games while gambling with their casino games. However, it is better than the previous Casino and greater than other Online Casinos as well. This is reasonable to gambling with the SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino Games.

What Remain in the SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino?

As mentioned above, the SCR888 Casino is just re-branding to the 918Kiss Casino. They changed the theme and the logo of the Casino APP. But they are remaining something else in the Casino APP that makes you recognize easily.

First of all, they remain all of their casino games and didn’t remove any games in the Casino APP. But they are inserting new casino games in the game list. Before that, they are including about 120 casino games. But now, there are about 130 casino games on the list. Some of the new Online Casino Games are much more interesting than the current casino games. Try them out now.

For the senior players of the Casino, you may worry about the credit issue of the account. This is not a serious case to care about it, as the Casino is retaining the data in the latest Casino APP. That’s mean you can use the old account and enter the latest Casino APP for the online gambling. In addition, you don’t have to find Online Casino for the 918Kiss Register again.

Furthermore, the 918Kiss Casino keeps the culture of the Casino APP like the SCR888 Casino does – the APP platform layout. When you come to latest Casino APP, you will find it is totally same with the old Casino APP. It is good to remain the same, so you won’t experience any difficulties on the learning.

Play the Latest SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino APP

The downloading or the updating of the latest SCR888/ 918Kiss Casino APP is now available on their Pages ( You may download the APK or the iOS for the application installed on the device. Enjoy your gambling with the 918Kiss Online Casino.

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