MEGA888 Android – Top 5 Trends in 2021

//MEGA888 Android – Top 5 Trends in 2021

MEGA888 Android – Top 5 Trends in 2021

MEGA888 Android – The Most Played Slot Game Version in Malaysia

What is MEGA888 Android? I bet many of you heard about this word, but some of you might not have idea what is it about. Especially if you have not gambled before.

MEGA888 Android is in fact the Android version of one of the largest mobile slot game brands in Malaysia, MEGA888. It was officially launched on 29 May 2018.

Why do we say it is the most played slot game version in Malaysia? Following the termination of 918KISS, MEGA888 has now become the most played mobile slot game in Malaysia.

In view of the fact that large chunk of MEGA888 players is actually Android smartphone users, MEGA888 Android naturally owns the most number of online casino players in the country.

As such, any of its movement or action is closely monitored by the public. Any of its decision might cause massive ripple effect in the Malaysian online casino market.

Let us take a look at the top 5 trends of MEGA888 Android in 2021.

#1 MEGA888 Android Will Be Dominating Malaysia

Isn’t it the most played slot game version already? Well, it might gain more players in the year of 2021.

The sad truth is, MEGA888 iOS, which is the game version for iPhone users, has become unavailable in the past few months. MEGA888 players are not able to play, or even download the game version.

This has caused big troubles for MEGA888 fans who are using iPhones. As we all know, iPhone users are usually highly loyal to the product, and it’s super rigid for them to switch over to Android.

If you’re a loyal iPhone user, you can read through some possible solutions that might help to solve MEGA888 iPhone errors. Hope this can help you.

On the other hand, if you’re an Android smartphone user, then you might need to be aware of the situation as well. We will tell you why.

According to a professional forecast conducted by, MEGA888 iPhone error is not gonna be fixed anytime soon. It will potentially cause a spike in the number of Android players in 2021.

Keep in mind that winning payout has a positive co-relationship with the number of active players in the game. The more the number of active players, the higher the winning payout will be.

Therefore, we guess a lot of MEGA888 players will be playing MEGA888 Android in 2021 given higher winning payout offered.

#2 People Will Play MEGA888 Android At Home

The number of Covid19 cases continues to break record in Malaysia. The global pandemic is not expected to be gone anytime soon. It will stay for a period of time.

As a result, people’s behaviours also change to some certain extents. For example, work-from-home has become a new norm in the world. Zoom meeting has also become a day-to-day activity.

What does all this mean to MEGA888 Android? The new trend is, people will play MEGA888 Android at home also.

Just imagine all the gamblers who are not allowed to visit Genting Highlands due to Covid19, they might switch over playing MEGA888 too.

Other big time gamblers who used to travel to Macau or Cambodia to gamble, they might switch over playing MEGA888.

With such a huge increase in the number of active players in 2021, we expect winning payout will continue to rise!

#3 MEGA888 Android Will Most Likely Over Take Clash of Clans and Become the No.1 Mobile Game in the World

Today, MEGA888 is not only available in Malaysia, but also many other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. It is now an international online gambling brand.

Young people nowadays love to spend time on mobile games. It’s a convenient and cheaper way to entertain themselves. Clash of clans used to be the most played mobile game all around the world.

Nevertheless, the global pandemic has hit hardly on most of the economies in various countries. People is in great need for money. They are seeking for side income beside full-time job. MEGA888 is the solution.

Some people can possibly win up to USD10,000 a day. Some people just target to make a few hundreds for living. MEGA888 is the new favourite for people in the gig-economy. This is how they make their living.

Given the above, in 2021, MEGA888 Android is expected to over take Clash of Clan to become the No.1 mobile game in the word. Making money and killing time at the same time, who doesn’t want it?

#4 Hashtag #IWANTMEGA888FREECREDIT on Instagram to Earn Free Game Credit

Almost everyone of us got the experience to request for MEGA888 free credit from online casino operators. Not because we’re too broke to pay for game credit, but it’s a culture in Malaysia. Using free game credit to test if the online casino operator is trustworthy.

In view of this, MEGA888 headquarter has decided to roll out an interesting marketing campaign – #IWANTMEGA888FREECREDIT. Just post a photo of your slot game winning moment and upload on Instagram, then put the above hashtag in the caption, an online casino operator will then hunt you down to offer you free credit!

It’s so easy right? Just post it and somebody will find you and give you something for free! Welcome to 2021. MEGA888 just wanna try out something new to reward its players.

#5 Play MEGA888 to Win Luxurious Gifts

Given steep competition in the local online casino industry, many online casino companies start offering luxurious gifts to their customers to maintain retention rate.

Such luxurious gifts include Louis Vuitton bags, Rolex watches, Gucci clothing, Tiffany and Co jewellery, etc. It sounds too good to be believed right? But it’s gonna be the new trend in 2021.

Play MEGA888 to Win Luxurious Gifts

Stop spending money to buy these luxurious products just because you don’t have to do that. Simply try your luck by betting with some of the most trusted online casino companies then you might stand a change to receive these luxurious gifts for free!

We expect to see a lot of MEGA888 players carrying luxurious outfits in 2021. To win these luxurious products, you gotta make more deposit to online casino companies in order to become VIP customers. Only VIP customers are entitled to those luxurious gifts.

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