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918Kiss | What is the 918Kiss Online Casino Malaysia 2018

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918Kiss | What is the 918Kiss Online Casino Malaysia 2018

918Kiss Malaysia

The 918Kiss is the latest mobile application which just releases in the year 2018. It is releasing in Malaysia and Thailand as well. With a few days releasing, the 918Kiss has more than a thousand download times in Malaysia. The 918Kiss becomes one of the best latest mobile application in the world.

Besides that, the 918Kiss is a mobile application that provides more than a hundred games within an application. So, it makes you won’t get boring while gaming with their in-app games. Yet, their mobile application is supporting the Android and Apple users. Believe, most of you are using either the Android device or the Apple device, right?

What is The 918Kiss Mobile Application?

918Kiss Casino

The 918Kiss is one of the Online Casino in Malaysia. Although it is the latest online casino in Malaysia, it is an online casino similar to the SCR888 Online Casino. In another word, the SCR888 Online Casino re-branding their business to the 918Kiss Online Casino. In order to deliver the fresh and new online casino to you in a New Year of 2018.

On the other hand, the 918Kiss Casino is running the business similar to the SCR888 Online Casino as well. Like the download, register, login, kiosk, and the casino games. With the latest of the online casino, you may feel better while gambling with them rather than gaming with the old SCR888 Casino.

Previously, the SCR888 Casino is using a low standard of the graphic design to build the mobile application. Yet, they are putting more efforts on the 918Kiss Casino. So, you may experience a better online gambling environment with the latest Online Casino Malaysia.

How to Download the 918Kiss Casino

918Kiss Download apk ios

Since the 918Kiss Casino is similar to the SCR888 Online Casino. Both of them are using the similar way of the installation, but the different Download Site. The SCR888 Casino is using their own download site. And this Casino is using the 918Kiss Download Site for the installation.

However, once you enter the download site, then you can find two difference download files on the screen. One is the APK and another one is the iOS download file. Both of them are installing onto the different operating system device. Besides, it is available for the smartphone and the tablet only, no matter which operating system.

918Kiss APK

918kiss android download

The 918Kiss APK is a download file used by the Android device users. All version of the Android operating systems is allowing to install the APK on the device for the casino gameplay. But it is better to use the latest version of the Android operating system. So, you able to run the mobile application faster while gambling.

918Kiss iOS

918kiss ios download

The 918Kiss iOS is a download file used by the Apple device users. It is merely the iPhone and iPad allow to download this mobile application on the device. Other than that, the iMac and MacBook are not allowing for the installation. It will become useless if download the format file on the PC.

Besides that, since it knows as the outsource application installation. It may be a bit of the complicates to complete installation the 918Kiss app on the Apple. Because the Apple Inc. is providing a high-quality of the device security to secure the device’s safety. But you are still allowing for gambling with this online casino. By using a few steps of the setting then the iOS app is completely installed.

In order to complete the installation of this casino app, you may need to go to the “Settings” to find the “General”. Under the “General” find the “Device Management” again. Here, you may need to find the 918Kiss registration name and click on the name. Then, you need to press the button of “TRUST” in order to tell the device that 918Kiss Casino is a trusted mobile application which is safe to play.

Is the 918Kiss Casino Allows to Play on PC?

Believe most of you may confuse with this question, right? Since the 918Kiss Casino doesn’t provide the PC download site on the download site. But you still allowed to install the casino on the PC as well. But it may need more processes to download the casino for the gameplay.

Getting ready with the APK format file on the PC, then download an application name with “BlueStacks”. It is a PC application that allows you to play all of the Android mobile game and application. So, you able to import the APK from the desktop to the BlueStacks app on your PC. After doing the installation on the PC, then you able to start gambling the casino on the PC. The installation similar to the mobile APK.

How to Register the 918Kiss Casino Game Account?

For the registration of the casino in Malaysia, that will be easy for you. First of all, you need to find an Online Casino Agent which includes the 918Kiss Casino Game on the site. Then you able to pass your Banking Detail, Phone Number, and the Full Name of the agent. So, the agent able to assist you with the registration.

Play on the Popular Casino Games

Within the 918Kiss Casino, they are including more than a hundred of the casino games that allows you to pick from. Most of them are the popular casino games, which similar to the SCR888 Casino provides. They are including the Online Slot Games, Casino Table Games, and the Video Arcade Games. Those are the highly popular casino games in Malaysia. That’s you able to find those casino games in any land casino’s studio.

Nevertheless, the Online Slot Games are the most popular in this Online Casino. The slot games are occupying more than 60% of the game list, so you may get a favourite slot theme for the gameplay. With a single game account, you able to gambling more than 60 slot games in a mobile application. It is the greatest mobile application in Malaysia.


The 918Kiss Casino is the best and latest online casino in Malaysia. Download this casino application onto the device, then you able to experience the greatest service from them. They are providing the highest winning rate of their casino games as well. Believe most of you will like this online casino and give a greater support to the latest Online Casino in the year 2018.


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