3 Secret Ways to Consistently Win from MEGA888 (2021 Tips)

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3 Secret Ways to Consistently Win from MEGA888 (2021 Tips)

Who Can Always Win from MEGA888?

As far as we know, it’s not an easy task to always win from MEGA888. People always say: “Nobody can beat the banker!” Is that true? If it’s true, then why so many people still crazily playing MEGA888?

There are actually ways to consistently win from MEGA888. It’s just that it’s really really difficult to do that. Not many people can achieve that, at least less than 10 in Malaysia from our what we know.

The legendary stories of these people leaked. This is why so many players are chasing after MEGA888 no matter how much money they’ve invested in the game. Some even borrow money from bank to bet big. Well, who are these legends? Indeed, their tales made the success of MEGA888.

We’re just going to name 3 of them here, which is Joker Wong (a successful serial entrepreneur of a number of online casino companies including joker13.co), Andy Lim (the CEO of 918KISS), and Mohammad Ali bin Abdullah (the treasurer of Malaysia Online Casino Association). They’re all successful businessmen in Malaysia’s underground today. Of course, we are not going to talk much about their stories in this article since it’s not the main topic (we might talk about it in a separate post).

The key is, how did they do that? How did they make tons of profits out of MEGA888 and become what they are today? After spending years of time, we’ve finally come a conclusion – there are 3 ways to win from MEGA888. Nobody will tell you this. We’re sharing it now because we want more people to get rich.

No.1: Place Your Bet with 3, 5, 9, 20 to Win from MEGA888

You might ask: what the hell is 3, 5, 9, 20? What’s the relationship between these numbers and winning from MEGA888? Bro, it’s the golden rule.

What it says is you gotta place your bet in slot games in such pattern: for the first 3 spins, place RM5 bet. Then for the following 9 spins, place RM20 bet. Once it finish, repeat the same pattern again.

Place Your Bet with 3, 5, 9, 20 to Win from MEGA888

Place Your Bet with 3, 5, 9, 20 to Win from MEGA888

You might not see much results at the beginning. It requires time to stimulate the slot game engine, while triggering the chances to start compensating players in significant way.

As such, you gotta make sure you have sufficient capital to bet following this formula. From my point of view, RM1,000 shall be more than enough to implement such betting strategy.

How much you can expect to win? Well, roughly 3-5 times of your betting funds. Do not stay in the game if you have won more than 8 times of your starting capital. You should cash out and stop playing for hours before you hit the spin button again.

No.2: Play With MEGA888 Free Credit

Many of the millionaires in Malaysia made their first fortune by playing MEGA888 free credit. But why?

First of all, think about that, you pay nothing to play MEGA888. That means, you got nothing to lose. So people tend to bet big in this kind of situation. Moreover, there are thousands of online casino companies or agents in Malaysia. You can always request free credit from one company to another, until you really win big from the game.

Play with MEGA888 Free Credit

Play with MEGA888 Free Credit

Nevertheless, it’s not that simple to claim free credit. You should study a bit about how to claim MEGA888 free credit in 2021. There are tips and tricks that might help you to save a lot of troubles.

We strongly encourage players to combine no.1 strategy with then no.2 strategy, it will be more powerful. Just imagine that you are using free credit to play, while betting with strategic online betting strategy, much better than how you used to play the game.

Many people made some serious profits by using No.1 and No.2 strategies together. But not as much as the legends I mentioned above – Joker Wong, Andy Lim, and Muhammad Ali bin Abdullah. So what magic they play to earn that kind of money? Let’s check it out.

No.3: The Magical Sequence in Slot Games

There is a magical sequence in playing some of the classic slot games for you to win big – Highway Kings, Great Blue, and Dolphin Reef. The last game Dolphin reef would be the place for you to reap lucrative profits!

Nobody knows who invented this sequence. Of course, it didn’t just pop out of nowhere. It’s been circulating in the street for a long long time until Joker Wong discovered it, and combine it with the No.1 and No.2 betting strategies, to complete the winning formula for MEGA888.

The Magical Sequence in Slot Games

The Magical Sequence in Slot Games

Joker Wong has also tested the above betting strategy for at least 3 years, before sharing with some of his closest friend – Andy Lim and Muhammad Ali Bin Abdullah. Nonetheless, Andy Lim is the smartest of all. He even enhanced the 3-step winning formula to an extended version, which remain a top secret until now. This is why he also made the most profits and founded 918KISS company, which was in turn the largest online slot game brand in Malaysia for the past few years.

Is It Hard to Deploy the Betting Strategy?

Well, it seems easy to do the above 3 steps, but it’s not in the reality. It requires persistence, patience, and also diligence in order to perform all 3 steps in a row to maximise your profits.

The good news is, even you just deploy any of the betting strategies on a standalone basis, your chances to win is already much higher than how you usually bet. You do not have to complete the 3 steps betting strategy.

More importantly, get yourself a highly trusted online casino agent to play with. It makes no point if you can’t withdraw money from your agent even if you win big. Especially there is a lot distrust online casino companies in the market nowadays.


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